Monday, May 18, 2009

Super Cute Personalized T-shirts

Ok, I admit that I am a full fledged, card holding monogram-a-holic! {{now that the disclaimer is outta the way...}}

Our monogrammed t-shirts are just too cute for words or blogs! As fast as the Frill Seekers personalization team can make them, we sell them. The personalized t-shirts are the perfect gift for young and old alike.

Shirt choices sound as yummy as they are cute:
Bubblegum Pink
Mocha Brown
Licorice Black

Selecting a color for your monogram is the tough part. The picture here shows our models wearing silver. Fabulous! Hot pink, baby blue and white seem to be just as popular.

The shirts are a very flattering baby doll cut. We suggest bumping your size up one when ordering. These t-shirts look great with blue jeans, shorts or work out attire.

My mother was working out at a gym in Covington, Louisiana and became increasing concerned because a lady kept starring at her. She finally gave up her treadmill thinking the lady wanted a turn...but nooooo...the "stalker" just wanted to know "where in the world she got the cute monogram t-shirt she was sporting!" Mom just cracked up laughing and promptly pulled out a Frill Seekers Gift card to give out.

Are you a monogram-a-holic? Whattya think about these cute new shirts? Leave us a comment and your thoughts.