Thursday, January 1, 2009

The hit of my New Year party!'s the morning after my annual New Year's Eve party...I am feeling surprisingly well. After all, this year we allowed my 15 year old to invite 50 of her nearest and dearest new high school friends. Whew!

The party was a success by all accounts. However, this year it wasn't the food, decorations or snazzy fireworks that had our guests buzzing---or the spirits---for that matter! It was our personalized party cups!

Hilarious, but true. Our regular guests know we own a personalization store, so they were not surprised. But the guests of guests who brought guests, couldn't/wouldn't stop talking about how adorable the shatterproof cups were:

"Great idea so if I drop a glass at her house, it won't break," said, Betty R. from Covington, La

"I'm taking it home to prove we were invited this year," squealed Heather R of Destin, FL

"I want some with our beach house name," exclaimed Jane M of Sewanee, TN

In fact, sweet Edward R. placed his order via our website from my living room on his I-Phone! Amazing.

Be the talk of your town with a set of personalized party ware. You will wonder how you ever lived without them.

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