Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A very personalized Christmas!

Indeed, this will be a very personalized Christmas!

The paper dolls at Frill Seekers Gifts have scoured market to find unique, personalized gifts that are beautiful AND affordable for Christmas 2008.

It's a well known fact, that gifts with a name or monogram on them become an heirloom. No one parts with an item that is personalized, thus adding increased significant value to the gift.

The economy has everyone buzzing, right? Well, you don't need to spend a fortune to give a gift that has a HIGH perceived value! {{light bulb flashing! wink, wink!}} Simply order one of our fabulous new engraved jewelry pieces, that start at just $15.99.

Best sellers include the set pictured above with the shell pendant. This pendant can be slipped off of it's necklace and added to any of your other necklaces or chains. You can even wear it backward without the monogram showing for a chic look. Sterling silver pieces consistently sell well for babies and the youth group. Moms and grandmothers really like our wood jewelry collection.

SURPRISE GIFT: As a little treat for our best clients---YOU---the engraving is F*R*E*E! Simply visit the website and select your pieces. Get your list in hand! Think teachers, neighbors, friends, co-workers and children.

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